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Welcome to the wiki page for the Badge Alliance Working Group on Endorsement!

The Endorsement Working Group works to develop the conceptual framework that underpins open badges endorsement and also scrutinizes its long-term implications. Endorsement can be considered a game changer in the way that badges are regarded, used, and understood because it allows external organizations to publicly indicate which badges are aligned with their values—those that are the most meaningful and valuable to them. It adds a new metadata component to open badges that can include useful information and criteria such as alignment with standards, description of evidence of learning, assessment techniques, etc. This group manages and advances that work.

Who is in this group?

Chair: Deb Everhart , Blackboard
Secretary: Chosen weekly from Endorsement WG call attendees
Badge Alliance Liaison: Carla Casilli, Director of Design & Practice
Community: http://bit.ly/BA-Endorsement-WG

Endorsement Resources

The Endorsement Working Group is building the framework for the first instantiation of open badges endorsement.

  1. Badge Endorsement: Getting Started (initial conceptual approach)
  2. Work to help build and reinforce the concepts behind the Endorsement Framework document: Endorsement Personas work
  3. Endorsement Technical standard (in conjunction with Standard Group)

Proposed 1st cycle goals

The first cycle began in April 2014 and concluded in September 2014. Below you'll find a list of the original proposed goals with snapshots of this cycle's work in progress.

  • Example cases and practical implementation goals and deliverables:
    • Use personas from the overarching deliverables to discuss use cases and requirements, both in support of development of technical infrastructure and to make the processes involved more concrete and easy to visualize
    • Develop overarching models for generating endorsements, such as:
      • endorser and the endorsee (badge issuer) both agree to include information about the endorsement in badge metadata
      • ability to “push” an endorsement to an issuer
      • outside endorsement that is not acknowledged by the issuer
  • Develop overarching models for consuming endorsements, such as:
    • how endorsements are discovered and understood by badge seekers/learners
    • how endorsements are understood by badge consumers such as employers and educators
  • Support development of technical infrastructure (OBI)
  • Provide context for technical implementation and experimentation with how endorsement will work
  • Gather feedback

Call Archive

Get involved

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Access call agendas and notes: http://bit.ly/BA-Endorsement-Calls

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