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Introduction to the Badge Alliance

The Badge Alliance, launched at the Summit to Reconnect Learning in 2014, is a network of organizations and individuals working together to build and support an open badging ecosystem, with a focus on shared values including openness, learner agency and innovation.

Built upon the groundbreaking Open Badges work initiated by Mozilla and the MacArthur Foundation, and framed on a constellation model of Working Groups, the members of the Badge Alliance aim to foster and grow the open badges ecosystem in an intelligent, distributed, and sustainable way. The Badge Alliance team will facilitate the work of these groups, layering in more intentionality, accountability and support. Focused on long term goals broken down into 6-month cycles, the working groups use different lenses to define their individual futures, and in turn create a cohesive, dynamic open badges ecosystem.

About the Constellation Model

The Constellation Model of Collaborative Social Change is a framework designed to support multi-organization partnerships and networks within complex systems. It is a way to bring together multiple groups or sectors to work toward joint outcomes and serve social change.

Constellations of working groups enable networks to harness the power of loose coupling, connecting the right partners based on their own interests and assets. This creates stronger action teams that are harnessing the power of self-interest within a shared vision.

The Constellation Model was developed out of the necessity to support the Canadian Partnership for Children's Health and Environment (CPCHE). Emerging from the CPCHE, a description of the Constellation Model of Collaborative Social Change was then written by Tonya Surman and Mark Surman in 2006.

The Center for Social Innovation adapted the constellation model to their work incubating the Ontario Nonprofit Network - a complex system of networks serving the 45,000 nonprofits across Ontario.

Badge Alliance Working Groups

The Constellation Model forms the basis for the structure of the Badge Alliance, which is stewarding the work of key multi-organization partnerships and across networks and sectors. The Badge Alliance work is being done through a set of Working Groups comprised of individuals and organizations working together to address key questions, issues and opportunities facing the ecosystem.

For more information, see Badge Alliance Working Groups.

History of the Badge Alliance

For an introduction to Open Badges, click here.


  • The Badge Alliance is an evolution of the work begun during the 2010 Mozilla Festival in Barcelona, under the banner "Learning, Freedom, and the Web." At this festival, Mozilla, P2PU, DML, and Remix Learning hosted a Badge Lab that invited participants to "test, critique and improve badges and tools that recognize informal online learning."





  • The Summit to Reconnect Learning, held in February 2014 in Silicon Valley, was the first event to "focus on moving Open Badges from the edges of innovation to the mainstream."[2] At the Summit, a wave of business and education partners made public pledges committing to help accelerate the spread and scale of digital badges for learning, and the Badge Alliance Working Groups were soft-launched. Erin Knight, who had previously led the Open Badges project at Mozilla, was announced as the Executive Director of the Badge Alliance.

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